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Set Them Free Advocates in North America

Set Them Free Advocates in North America

Last weekend on Nov 4th, hundreds of activists in North America flocked to the streets to bring awareness to the dire situation of innocently jailed women and children in Turkey. There are currently about 18,000 women and 668 children jailed without trial in Turkey. In Northern California, the cities of San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto, and  San Jose had volunteers handing out black balloons with the hashtag “#668children” and “#SetThemFree” to bring social media awareness to the general public.

Amongst the activists some wore prison jumpsuits, while others walked around with a pacifier attached to a police cuff to indicate child imprisonment. Today, there is no official response yet from the Turkish government, but thousands are still hopeful that the world will evolve into a better place for those innocent lives in Turkish prisons.

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