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Sisters Without Borders

As a part of our efforts to assist refugee women and children, “Sisters Without Borders” under Set Them Free has been launched. The group has been actively working with Turkish refugee women and children who are recovering from the trauma of being unjustly detained, imprisoned, separated from their family, children, or the beloved ones.

Sisters Without Borders has two main projects for women and children refugees in Greece. First we started with the Personal Development Discussion Series (psychological support) and then came along the English and German Language Classes for the better integration of Turkish women and children refugees. It is important to note that since the beginning, we have been personally in touch with the families in need in order to understand what they needed the most. We have listened to the refugees one on one and then came up with these two projects. The outcome of our network with them showed that as displaced people from their homelands, they needed psychological support and ESL lessons to integrate better to their new communities.