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What do we do?

Set Them Free is a civil initiative founded to stand up for the rights of the arbitrarily imprisoned women and children victims of Turkey Purge. Apart from advocating for human rights, Set Them Free also organizes programs to empower women and children refugees for their better integration into the new societies.

Set Them Free initiates its activities in two working areas: human rights advocacy to raise awareness on the arbitrary detention of 864 children and more than tens of thousands of women as political prisoners in Turkey, and social empowerment projects to assist refugee women and children for their better integration into the host countries following their resettlement for family re-unifications.

Set Them Free annually participates at the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) by organizing side-events in collaboration with several other NGOs to be the voice of women and mothers who are prisoners of conscious in Turkey. The topics Set Them Free discussed at the CSW series varies from women and authoritarian governments, to violation of human rights in prisons in Turkey, from integration strategies to abuse of children rights arising from the social death that persecuted families have to face in Turkey after the failed coup attempt. Set Them Free also organizes walks and peaceful protests on the occasions of the UN Universal Children`s Day, International Women`s Day and Mother’s Day to raise public awareness on the heartbreaking situation of babies and women jailed in Turkey as political prisoners. Set Them Free also carries several Twitter campaigns throughout the year to mobilize activists over the social media.

The social empowerment projects of online ESL – German courses and psychological support series are gathered under the umbrella of Sisters Without Borders theme. In collaboration with tens of volunteer teachers, Set Them Free provides online language courses both to women and children refugees in Greece over the Zoom program. At this platform, there are 12 online classes with 175 students. Recently, 45 students have been graduated from the program at upper intermediate level. The language program also has 91 native speakers as conversation partners practicing daily language skills with our students.

Set Them Free also have a network of volunteer psychologists and pediatricians, who organize weekly online seminars with the topics varying from spiritual and individual development, stress management, self-motivation to the improvement of communication skills within the family. The objective of the Sisters Without Border program is to empower women and children refugees socially while improving their foreign language skills to foster their integration into new societies, encourage them to interact with local organizations and assist them in establishing their new lives. While organizing programs to raise awareness on the Turkey Purge, Set Them Free also mobilizes local communities to be a stakeholder in establishing a better world for all.