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Freedom Call in Chicago


Black balloons ascended for 668 child prisoners who yearn for the sky. Following the demonstrations in Europe that took place on October 28th, black balloon demonstrations were held in 15 different places around the United States and Canada on November 4th for children who were held in prison with their mothers in Turkey.

Following the coup attempt in Turkey on 15 July, 17,000 women were taken into custody for association with the Gulen Movement, with no evidence of crime. Currently, 668 children are being held in prison with those women. The black balloon demonstrations were held to ensure that the jailed children and women’s voices could be heard all over the world.

Chicago was one of the cities that held the demonstration. Turkish American supporters of the cause gathered at the Millenium Park for children who yearn for the sky and walked all the way down to the Chicago Tribune, as they gave out black balloons to Chicagoans. The message was received with concern from Chicagoans who showed tremendous interest in the cause and joined the march down the Michigan Avenue. Once the marchers finally arrived at the Chicago Tribune, a Press Release was read to demand the freedom of innocent people in jail. Finally, the local and federal government was called to action to raise awareness and stop the plight of thousands innocent children subject to discrimination on several grounds prohibited by the United National Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Following the press release, the marchers released their balloons and watched them as they rose to the sky in front of the Chicago Tribune.

The # 668Children hashtag received support messages from around the world on Twitter and Facebook.

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