Access Sacramento TV hosts Set Them Free

On December 11th, 2017, Access Sacramento TV Channel 17 is featuring Fatih Ates, in “The Lighthouse for Today’s Viewers”. The show is hosted by Nahid Kabbani. It covers a little bit of politics, religion, and human rights abuses in Turkey. After learning the fact that innocent women and children are jailed in Turkey, Nahid expresses her feelings, “This is like going backward a thousand years instead of moving forward.”

Please see the whole show via www.

“East West” Music Concert for the Benefit of Turkey Purge Victims

There was a music concert “East West” at a local church in LA this Sunday evening, Dec 3rd. It included English and Turkish songs by the volunteers of the church and the Pacifica Institute. The concert was accompanied by a photo exhibit named “What precious I brought in my luggage.” Both the concert and the exhibit were very therapeutic for the community who went through some hard times. The proceedings of the event will be donated to a relief organization for the benefit of the Turkey purge victims.