Urgent Action for Fatma Gormez - Paris, New York, Atlanta 

04 August 2019 | Paris, New York, Atlanta
On August 04, 2019 Set Them Free volunteers walked in the streets of Paris, New York and Atlanta calling for justice for Fatma Gormez. After the death of his 14-year-old boy Berk, due to stress, Fatma lost her kidneys and now weights only 29 kgs. We call on the authorities for the release of her husband Bekir Gormez, by the court pending on trial. 

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Walk for Purged Mothers in Turkey

12 May 2019 | New York 
On May 12, 2019 Set Them Free gathered in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York to raise awareness on the violations of women rights that purged mothers in jails are facing in Turkey. 

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Set Them Free UN Women CSW 63 Panel Series

 March 2019 | New York
On March 2019, Set Them Free attended the Commission on the Status of Women 63rd Session by organizing 3 panel sessions on the social integration of women refugees into their host countries and promotion of the women and girls rights.

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Storytelling4Freedom Workshop

16 February 2019 | Atlanta
On February 16, 2019, Storytelling4Freedom Workshop took place in collaboration of InterPlay Leaders Ruth Schowalter, Christine Gautreaux and Hafsa Girdap of Set Them Free for the fourth storytelling workshop with the Turkish community in Atlanta.

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Set Them Free joins Women`s March in Washington DC

19 January 2019 | Washington DC
On January 19, 2019, Women’s March 2019 happened in 9 different states with the slogan #womenwave. Thousands of people participated the March in Washington DC, starting from freedom plaza. The volunteers of Set Them Free held banners to protest the violence against women, false imprisonment and violation of women`s rights in Turkey. 

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Walk for Child Victims of Turkey Purge 

17 November 2018 | New York 
On November 17, 2018 Set Them Free volunteers walked for the rights of the child victims of Turkey Purge from UNICEF House to New York Public Library to raise awareness on the arbitrary detention of children and mothers in Turkey. 

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"Mothers Away from Motherland" Panel Discussion  

12 April 2018 | Atlanta 
On April 12, 2018 Set Them Free Atlanta organized a panel discussion "Mothers Away From Motherland" in partnership with the Atlantic Institute. The event had a spotlight on the current situation of Turkish women incarcerated in prisons in Turkey.

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“What if You were in My Shoes?”

14 April 2018 | Atlanta 
On April 14, 2018 Set Them Free organized a photo exhibition in Atlanta Central Library with the partnership with the Atlantic Institute. The exhibition, whose art director is Emin Demiral, aims to raise awareness on the tragic forced-migration stories from Turkey.
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“Set Them Free Parallel Event at the UN Commission on the Status of Women?”

16 March 2018 | New York 
On 16th March 2018, the Set Them Free, Pacifica Institute, and Silicon Valley UNA-USA, organized “Women Empowerment and Democracy: How Authoritarian Rules are Hindering Women Empowerment Prospects" panel discussion at the CSW 62nd Session.
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“Access Sacramento TV hosts Set Them Free”

11 December 2017 | Sacramento
Access Sacramento TV Channel 17 is featuring Fatih Ates, in "The Lighthouse for Today's Viewers". The show is hosted by Nahid Kabbani.
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“East West" Music Concert for the Benefit of Turkey Purge Victims

3 December 2017 | LA
There was a music concert "East West" at a local church in LA this Sunday evening, Dec 3rd. The concert was accompanied by a photo exhibit named "What precious I brought in my luggage."
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Press Statement: 668 Children Imprisoned in Turkey on World Children`s Day

20 November 2017 | Atlanta
Campaigns and protests to bring attention to the 668 children unlawfully imprisoned in Turkey's prisons are still taking place globally this universal Children's Day. AST members and volunteer participants organized a press conference on November 20, 2017.
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Press Statement: Remembering Babies and Toddlers in Jail on Children’s Day

20 November 2017 | California, San Francisco
Set Them Free volunteers in San Francisco gathered at Civic Center/UN Plaza on November 20 to raise their voice on behalf of the unlawfully imprisoned mothers and their babies in Turkey. Please click on more to see the full press release. 
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Set Them Free & Huddled Masses Panel Discussion on the Imprisoned Women and Children

13 November 2017 | Chicago
On Monday, Nov. 13th two panelists from Chicago’s Huddled Masses Advocacy women group went to speak at a panel at Carthage College in Kenosha, IL. Panel consisted of three panelists, two of whom were Ayse Nur, a lawyer from Turkey and Rana Yurtsever, Associate Director of Niagara Foundation. The third speaker was the college’s Gender and Women Studies Department Head.
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Black Balloons in Washington DC

11 November 2017 | Washington DC
On November 11, AST, Set Them Free members, volunteer participants, and their friends in the DMV area came together to speak up for the victims of Turkey’s ongoing purge. They stood in solidarity at Lafayette Square, in front of the White House.
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Radio Program: "Set Them Free" was hosted at local KWMR Radio Station in San Francisco

9 November 2017 | California, San Francisco
On November 9, 2017, SF "Pieces of Peace" radio show host Susan Santiago invited a group of activist women to her show on to explain "Set Them Free" project that initiated a few months ago. 
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Children and Women Advocates, Canada, Toronto

4 November 2017 | Canada, Toronto
Volunteers including mothers and children gathered in front of City Hall, Toronto on the 4th of November, Saturday afternoon to call attention and raise awareness on the 17,000 women and 668 babies, who have been arbitrarily jailed in Turkey following the failed coup attempt of July 2016.
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Set Them Free Advocates, California 

4 November 2017 | California
Last weekend on Nov 4th, hundreds of activists in North America flocked to the streets to bring awareness to the jailed children in Turkey. In Northern California, the cities of San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto, and San Jose had volunteers handing out black balloons with the hashtag “#668children” and “#SetThemFree” to bring social media awareness to the general public.
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Freedom Call, Chicago 

4 November 2017 | Chicago
Black balloons ascended for 668 child prisoners who yearn for the sky. Turkish American supporters of the cause gathered at the Millennium Park for children who yearn for the sky and walked all the way down to the Chicago Tribune, as they gave out black balloons to Chicagoans.
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668 Babies in Prison Campaign, Atlanta

4 November 2017 | Atlanta
The "668 Babies in Prison - Speak Up" campaign demonstrated across the globe continues to raise awareness in the media. One of these protests took place in Atlanta's historic Piedmont Park with the coordination of the Advocates of Silenced Turkey (AST). Black balloons were handed out to those enjoying the park to increase awareness of the dire situation in Turkey.
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Black Balloons in New York, Bryant Park

4 November 2017 | New York
Throughout the USA and Canada, Set Them Free have organized demonstrations of black balloons to raise awareness on the arbitrary detention and arrest of 668 jailed children under the age of six and 17,000 women in Turkey. New York was one of the cities, among the other several locations that held the campaign.       
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A Longing Touched People's Hearts

28 October 2017 | Chicago
The Congregation Etz Chaim Synagogue hosted the “Salaam Shalom Music Project” performance in partnership with the Niagara Foundation in the evening of Saturday, October 28th.    
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What I brought in My Luggage!    

21 October 2017 | California
The state of being an immigrant is a legacy of the United States; it is passed down through the generations and finally reached the Turkish people in current day. People gathered in the hall of Pacifica Institute on a weekend to see what people have brought in their luggage through their escape to the United States.
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Set Them Free UN Women CSW 63 Panel Series

March 2019 | New York
Set Them Free attended the Commission on the Status of Women 63rd Session by organizing 3 panel sessions on the social integration of women refugees into their host countries and promotion of the women and girls rights.

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