Contrary to the disclaimer, “The events depicted in this movie are fictitious and any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental,” what will be told here is completely real. For security purposes, however, the actual names of the characters will not be revealed.

The Country that We Devoted our Lives

I never knew I had such strong ties to this world. Leaving my home was deeply painful. Even more hurtful, my country was now closing the doors to us.


Escaping from Hell

I had thought myself to be a strong person, a human rights defender... But the accusation of terrorism and the treatment we had under custody was so heavy that I could not remain calm, or say the words I wanted to say.


My Mom’s Heart is Too Weak For Prison

When I heard that my parents were taken into custody, I thought “there must be a mistake". Even my 4-year-old brother was questioned by the police in a room separate from my parents.


Cost of the Purge: A Drowned Family in Aegean Sea

The Greek Coast guards in the Mytilene Island found a drowned Maden family, a tragic summary of the mass persecution towards Hizmet Movement members.


Blessed to Live, Hurt to Leave My Life Behind

God! Why now?  I needed to be able to walk more than ever. The pain in my feet amplified the sorrow in my heart...


I Became a Terrorist Just in One Night

I was a teacher like any one of the thousands who are serving their time with the rest of the inmates in jails nowadays.


A Place Where Time Stops: Jail

I was sitting right in the middle of a minibus filled with bundles of textile; while they were taking me to the Bakirkoy Women’s Prison.


Real Life Tragedies

When the calendars hit the date July 15, 2016, another turning point was added to hundreds of thousands of people’s lives including mine and my family’s.