“Set Them Free” is an online platform that is launched by several civil society  organizations throughout the United States of America and Canada  working in collaboration to promote the rights of women and children. Platform`s mission is to raise awareness on the tens of thousands of women and 668 babies, who have been arbitrarily jailed in Turkey following the failed coup attempt of July 2016. The platform gives voice to the stories of these women and babies in jail, as well as to the ones who have been forced to live in exile outside of Turkey.
“Set Them Free” calls upon local and international media to keep a spotlight on the violation of women`s and children`s rights in Turkey and abroad. The platform aims to shape a public opinion in order to force  Turkish government to improve the inhuman conditions in jail and encourage the policy of being released by the court pending trial for mothers. Lastly, "Set Them Free" calls on other civil society organizations to address in their work the deteriorating  situation in Turkey. We stand ready to collaborate in future campaigns to address the human rights violations against the mothers and children.